Saturday, 29 November 2008

Powerkite Mag - Flying for Swansea

The signiture green potty appeared in PowerKite mag this month as part of their report on Aussie-Kiss the UK's biggest student kite festival. Aussie-Kiss was way back in October now, we had 20 students representing Swansea and are own Jess Barker made the podium in the comps. It was an awesome event that mixed decent winds, epic piss ups and hundeds of kiters of all abilities mashing it up down in Westward Ho. I was having loads of fun flying my 15m Lynn and riding a proto Rickman mountainboard, Tim Harley was also featured in the article ripping some very stylish tricks on his Instinct, demonstrating all weekend how to man-up and get the tricks out of the bag.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2008


I just had a great session at Newport Velodrome. Rocking it in style with piss-pot and baggies riding a sketchy fixed gear, brakeless rig and trying to chase down Swansea Uni's Lycra crew. It is a far scarier experience than DH! Those walls are steep and riding (or attempting to ride) on someone elses wheels with an inconsitant ability to slow down gave a huge sense of impending carnage. If you think I am exadurating a quick check of YouTube turned out this beauty:

Maybe roadies deserve some respect!! It was a great thing to experience and a disturbingly addictive sensation, aparantly I am now on a slippery slope and I will soon be converted to a full blown lycra wearing, skinny tyred, carbon junkie...

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