Saturday, 26 February 2011

Back on the road!

The big news is the cast is now off and I am back on a bike! The doctor doesn't recommend anything too agressive for a while so the BFe is still locked up and sitting in the corner looking neglected. After so long being immobile it feels great to get back out on the road bike and getting some freedom back. Today was a gentle but rather cold and blustery ride out onto the Gower. My leg feels far more natural on the bike than walking at the moment, cycling was actually far easier than I expected after so long off. The goal now is to stay intact and get fit ready for the race season.


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Monday, 21 February 2011

Protection (apparently I need it!) from Kali and TrickX

Kali have just sent down one of their new line of Piss Pots the Samra. The graphics look sharp and the fit is a noticeable improvement on my Maha from last year. The new shape feels far more fitted and super secure so big thumbs up there.



To go with the new lid TrickX have provided knee pads and ankle guards. The knee pads follow the standard slimline pad design that positions foam and a hard knee cap exactly where it is needed. They look tough and this tried and tested approach to protection will no doubt result in secure and comfy pads that will stay in place when shit hits the fan.



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Sneak peak at the BFe's new KCNC Bling

Shiny new bits just landed on the door step, first impressions are really good unfortunately first tests wont be for another few weeks yet.




Did I mention all this time off the bike has robbed me of my sanity!




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Monday, 7 February 2011

Southern Downhill Interview

I was interviewed by Rob from SouthernDownhill this weekend about life and Four Cross racing. If you need some monday morning distraction then the full interview can be found here.

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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Discount BFe's

Cy has just announced an offer on Cotic's awesome BFe frame. For this month only they are down to £300. If you are after a super fun, thrash around hardtail that can take on more or less any type of riding then it is definitely worth checking out their website for more info (

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