Thursday, 8 April 2010

NPS 4X Rd1 - Easter washout

Easter weekend may not have been the best choice for the first round of this years national 4X series. Some serious rain had left the track in an exceptionally wet state. The track has recently seen some pretty big changes but unfortunately they couldn't be tested due to a very thick heavy layer of mud that left only one jump really jumpable. Riders were pedalling their nut off but only getting to speeds less than that seen in your average pump race. The event would be better described as XC 4X since the second half of the track felt more like an uphill climb. Riders were even having to get off and push the backside of one of the jumps since holding speed into it was such hard work. An S turn had been added to the first straight that introduced a new feature to 4X racing, the lake line. This opened up a nice little overtaking move where you could squeeze into the inside and push the rider in front out wide into the lake, hopefully track designers wont start applying this to future tracks! In fairness the Blandford track looks fun in the dry, it has a proper ruggedness to it that I think more 4X tracks should have.

Racing this track really made you work for your position, it was a slog and 7 motos in total was killer. I got two firsts and two seconds in the motos and managed to place 7th overall having been just sneaked on the line. Some one let Mop Head on the mic for some class commentary which livened up the quarters, Mop does like to be heard! Senior ended up being taken by Nathan Parsons and Will Longdon took the win in the Elite class. Full results and dates are up on Naked Racing.

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