Monday, 10 May 2010

Afan Dirt Park

South Wales mountain biking is seeing a great new development in the form of a new centre catering for the more extreme end of the sport. Last weekend saw some fine tuning of the new 4X track up at Bryn Bettws Lodge at the back of Afan. The track has been built with the aid of Phil Saxena who is better known for his work on the word cup 4X tracks. The place has big ambitions and looks set to be a really good venue for the UK scene. The pro line, christened by Duncan Ferris is quite literally massive and if that by itself isnt scary enough the run in is over a massive multiline rock garden. It was clear the track has been designed to make some tight close racing and will be a serious challenge for all levels of riders. If thats not enough there are also some comp level dirt jumps, a licensed bar and when we were there the guys had a barbeque going to keep us all well fueled. With any luck this is just the start, the guys have access to an array of diggers so we should see this being developed and built up over time, exciting stuff!

More details and updates can be found here: Afan MTB Afan Valley

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