Thursday, 23 August 2007

Mini road trip - Wales

The plan was to hit Caerphilly trails Friday, party in Bristol, Still woods on Saturday then onto Swansea for more partying and a quick session at Clyne. Filly was awesome proper techy trails steep sniper landings, made it all the way to the end of the main line for the first time ever! Stoked on that.

Kenny at filly

Stayed over at Andys in Bristol. Checked out The Hatchet, recommended quality pub. Then onto The Academy. Good old British weather kicked in the next day, torrential rain and Still woods are definately not a recommended combo! The day wasn't so successful John came off on a berm twisting his ankle badly, obviously in a lot of pain. He sat out and watched as another rider came off a drop and lost control on the landing shoulder barging one tree and then into another rugby tackling it taking the full impact on his chest. He managed to get up laughing but not after we all legged it down the hill, definately one of the gnarliest crashes Ive witnessed in person, scary. Eventually John made it back to the car and Ken took him to hospital! V. Ironic! (there is a long history of Kenny destroying hims elf and getting scraped up by John!) It turns out he broke his leg and is needing operations, pins and plates, not good.

Small River Drop on the BFe

Up at Clyne Sunday a little dryer and could actually get some riding in! I was shocked to see someone has altered one of my favourite tracks and in my opinion not for the better. It used to be quality low risk fun that was super greasy making any cornering almost impossible. It was all about getting muddy and sliding about, mostly without the bike! Now someones dug in berms the whole way up. I appreciate someone putting the work in but it still killed an awesome trail in my eyes. Anyway shame, rant over! We had a bit of a play and then headed over to the river drops. There are 2 large drops down by the river that drop onto an awesome steep landing the smaller one is prob 8-10ish foot drop and has a nice gap to it the bigger one is more 12-15ish and is literally a straight drop. It feels mental, big enough to actually be really aware of falling. I hit the smaller one on the BFe making it by far the biggest thing Ive hit on a hardtail and was getting tempted by the bigger one, might have to head back with the full face and body armour when I get back. Spanish-Dave hit the smaller one which was awesome to see, if not a bit scary as it is the biggest thing hes ever tried. It looked like he was about to chicken out right before leaving the lip was getting worried, but he nailed it perfectly. Awesome!

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