Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunshine in Wales!!

Is summer here already? - bring on global warming!! What a weekend of quality riding, another early start today, well a little late after a very hungover Will had to be scraped out of bed! Me, Will and Jack headed out to the valleys, the van absolutely stacked full of bikes. First stop the BMX track and then on to find some DH. We ended up at Llantrisant which has some really nice tracks, the riding there makes a good change to what we have been riding recently with some real nice root sections and techy corners as well as a nice easy push. Back via Maccy Dee's for some proper DH grub, fully stocking up the fat and salt levels! Anyway here are some pics I found on the camera from up at Kilvey the other week.

Jacks shiny new Sam Hill lid, his new love!! ^

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