Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Wentwood - Simpy DH

This weekend was back to racing a serious track, Wentwood was certainly more challenging than last weekends antics. The track was fast, tons of corners, nice wide taping which offered some real options when it came to line choice. There was also plenty of sections ready to catch you out. In my opinion a great track to race both challenging and super fun at the same time. The bottom section was incredibly tight and deep greasy mud, off camber and roots meant it was a total minefield that could destroy a good run. Pushing was actually not too bad, there is less chance to build up the nervous energy and stress when you are slogging up a hill compared to sitting in a crowded bus. The sun was out and it was a good chance to have a natter on the way up. In terms or riding, I managed as many runs as I would have done on an uplift so cant really complain.

The hardtails were getting competitive this week. Last weekends warm up fired up the competitive streaks leading to a lot of light hearted banter. Stuart stormed the first run setting the target of 2.26 for the second run. This clearly ignited the beast in Alex who I believe has never been beaten by Stu and he set a blinder of a time in his second run of 2.22. My first run was well off the pace, somehow I avoided ending up off the track after getting pitched up into the bars coming off the road where the track drops into a steep rooted section, hairy to say the least. Second run was on pace with a 2.26 but Stu managed to clear a second off his time putting him deservedly on the second step of the podium and leaving me back in 3rd.

Hardtail Podium.

Will Soffe was on it once more representing the Swansea boys and 2-Step bikes. He posted second fastest time of the day and took the win in Expert. Rob Hinds was looking good all day, lining it up to the max, finishing in 16th place in the senior category. It looks like Swansea still stand a good chance of domination once again in the forthcoming student champs!

Soffe flying

The drive back was totally Maxxed up with the van taking its go at rally driving. Suspension damping was clearly not high on Mitsubishis priorities when designing the beast making it really quite an exciting experience blasting down the forest road out of the venue. Ha anyway for a proper report check out Si Patons write up at Pink Bike

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