Saturday, 12 June 2010


I have been riding the new BFe for a few weeks now, the concept of the frame is exactly that of the old model only Cy has managed to sneak in a few tweaks and refinements in order to bring it in touch with the new regs whilst still keeping the weight impressively low. From my understanding this means this should be even stronger than the last. My original BFe has been abused solidly for 3 years, the paintwork is heavily scarred but the frame itself has never shown any signs of weakness in this time. The original BeeFe is only out of action now because her prettier little sister has shown up!

The most striking new feature other than the lush new paint job is the ovalised top tube. I remember Marin did something like this years back to increase stiffness however their oval was rotated by 90 degrees. The advantage of this is the BFe is more compliant vertically helping to reduce harshness whilst beeing super stiff laterally where it counts, sounds a far better application of the concept. There is also an extra sticker on the frame indicating that reynolds 853 and 631 tubing have joined the party. This really shows Cy's obsessive nature when it comes to specking the optimum materials for the job according to their required loads and purpose.

I have also switched to the Magura Thor forks for the time being which run at up to 140mm of travel and also lighten up the front end when compared to the Wotans. Fork action is very similar, I am really enjoying the sharp twitchy nature and low front end that comes from running the shorter travel forks.

The overall feel of the bike is ace. The geometry of the BFe is now proven, the new frame fine tunes that original design. The bike is all about stability and speed. It loves being absolutely hammered on the pedals and positions your body in a strong balanced attack position that really lets you charge, keep the bike on target and maintain control when things get a little hairy.

More importantly here are some pics, plenty more to follow!

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