Saturday, 4 December 2010

Bfe: Extra Small and Extra Gritstone

Cy has made a bold move with a near invisible graphic scheme on the new gritstone BFe and it looks seriously sharp. The wrap matches the frame the logos are done in reflective vinyl which by normal light arent visible but ride past a strong light or get a flash on it and the graphics really pop. A cool effect that I reckon would make for some interesting pictures under the artificial lights in a skate park. Incidentally this is where this frame wants you to take it. The reduction in length makes it super chuckable and dead manageable on the back wheel, Pete more or less manualed the first straight of the pumptrack first try and he had only been on the bike an hour. The new stealth graphics will be grabbing some attention for sure, they have a really intriguing appeal. The look reminds me of a subtle version of Pashley's matt black frames from back in the day. Anyway enough of me rabbling here are some pics.


No Flash




Pete getting his slide on!


Josh said...

Sweet ride, I am also trying to purchase the BFe and I am on the fence between the small & XS so maybe you can help me edge out a decision. Is there a reason you the XS specifically? & How tall are you?

Robbie Rickman said...

I am 6'3 I have ridden both the XS and the S. My own bike is a size small. This size is a much better all round bike, it rides fast is super stable and is great for DH and hitting fast stuff. I am still perfectly comfortable hitting the dirt jumps on it and it can easily be pedaled around the trail centres. As an all round bike it cant be beaten. The XS is super fun on the dirt jumps and more park orientated stuff. The smaller nature of it allows it to be thrown around more and is better for tricks. It all depends what you are after really a bike focused on playing around and jumping or one that is better at speed and a better all rounder. Both sizes are great fun though!!