Monday, 28 March 2011

Video Blog: Back on two Legs

Here is my first attempt at video blogging. In all honesty I am still getting my head round the software, IMovie seems to hide and disguise all the actually useful controls. This vid could probably still do with a few more tweaks particularly on the audio side but I think these projects reach a point where it just needs to be sent out, I would end up fiddling forever otherwise! It does however leave plenty of room for improvement so expect bigger and better things next time and possibly a little more mountain bike riding! First race is next weekend, I still havent tested my leg on the MTB so it could go either way. I am confident and feeling strong so with any luck it will be a good weekend and if nothing else it will be good to catch up with everyone after the winter break.

UPDATE: Followed some feedback and got the audio levels sorted so heres the new tweaked version!

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