Friday, 25 April 2008

Andover South-West regional RD2

1) Quality shot of Mick going down. 2) Trying to duck in on the inside round the penultimate turn

The race season is back in action, 2 weeks ago was the second round of the south west bmx series up at andover, my local track. It was great to see so many people out for the event and enjoying some very full-on racing. For once we werent the only mtbikers on the start list as people were getting in some sneaky training in for Chicksands the next weekend. The racing was very tight and highly contested. Eight men on one track leads to some very tight action lots of bumps and one hell of a buzz!

Mick going down while I hold off Mingo for 2nd place

The main finals in cruiser was one of the closest races I have seen in a while. All 8 riders were still battling all the way to the last straight, great to see! Unfortunately didnt make the main finals which was dissapointing since I finnished in the top 4 in all my motos. I had one awesome moto where I slipped my pedal on the gate and managed to sneak past the pack down the first straight cutting in in front of Mick round the first berm, which incidently is untarmacked and so much fun, can properly get some drift on!! I was sat in second getting chased down, on the final corner Mick goes down getting ridden over by the rest of the pack, all in all it was some quality racing. Overall I came 2nd in the B-finals, leaving some room for improvement!

There are BMX races near on every weekend now throughout the summer. It is a great way of riding new places and meeting new people. The scene is very friendly and much more of a social experience than I find with downhill aswell as being very spectator friendly so you can really get into the race spirit when not on the bike. Mountainbikes are also welcome now so you have no excuse!! If you are interested in giving it a go,get down to your local track where there will probably be a club night which is the perfect way of learning about the sport and testing your skills on the track.

Photos Courtesy of fastlanephotography. For a full report of the weekend click here.

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