Friday, 25 April 2008

Chicksands NPS 4X Rd1

Rd1 was held at chicksands, on an absolutely flat out track with a massive triple half way down leading to some very hairy racing. New additions to the track gave a bit more overtaking potential however the race was generally won by the triple and recovering from a bad gate was a challenge as the track produces a bit of a drag race. Hitting the triple in race runs is mad, both lines into it seem to aim at the same point on the landing, I bricked it a couple of times as I was eyeing up riders wheels mid jump!

Racing wise I was struggling with head games all morning, half asleep in my first two motos lead to two 3rd place finishes. I then found my race head having two quality runs taking second in both. This didnt give me enough points so I had to enter a run off with 2 other guys to reach the quarters. I made a good gate and was leading into the triple only to get too excited blowing out the corner on the inside line killing my speed for the jump. Pulling up like a nutter and flying through the air barely still attached to the bike with legs flailing around and apparently releasing a very girly shriek!! Somehow I stayed rubber side down but wasnt carrying any speed and got overtaken getting knocked out of the competition. Still I was happy having finished on a properly contested race.

Next round is at Bridgnorth on the 17th of May more info and results at WWW.NPS4X.COM

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