Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Dragon Rd3 - Rheola

Rd3 of the Dragons was back to Rheola which inevitably meant the end of all this nice hot sunny weather and the onset of heavy rain and high winds. Luckily the forcasters were a bit keen and sunday ended up being dry, although the track was thick with mud from rains the previous night. Being a cheapskate I missed qualifying and so only hit the sunday.

Getting to the venue I bumped into Ian Woodley from Hardtail Nation. It seems Hardtail DH has moved up a level since I last tried with Lee Husky setting an insanely unfeasable qualifying time of 3.43 which considering the fastest qualifying time set by our own Sion Whitecross was 3.25, is absolutely bonkers!! Ian also let me know that the infamous starwars was no longer an issue as the trenches had been filled in, first practice run lead to me confidently approaching starwars hitting a root and getting flicked over the bars towards a tree, ha no longer an issue!!

Lee was on fire again come race run following him off the start was going to be tough and I knew there would be little hope of catching him!! First run was a little too calm and in control but set a reasonable time leaving me ranked 3rd in hardtail. 2nd run was full on and absolutely mental, I managed to scare myself a lot on the top section but was hanging on. Reaching the gulleys near the half way point and my wheels got ripped out from under me sending me into a slide under the tape and down the side of the hill. The run finnished with a huge grin but unfortunately no improvement in time.

Swansea boys did really well this weekend. Will Soffe made the podium in expert showing some impressive consistency and outright speed. Sion Whitecross won Juniors and as ever is looking insanely quick and stylish on a bike.

Photos are courtesy of Ian, he also has a full report up on Hardtail Nation that is a well worth a check. I really enjoyed the hardtail scene at the Dragon. Its small and definately not as serious as racing a big bike but loads of fun with friendly competitiveness and a load of banter. This is how racing should be in my opinion so thanks to all the hardtailers making it a wicked weekend.

Check out Hardtail Nation its a new but quality resource for the hardcore hardtailers!!

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