Thursday, 19 June 2008

NPS 4X Rd3

Check out the British Cycling race report here

Last weekend saw the 3rd round of the series which was contraversially back at Chicksands after NASS had been enevitably cancelled. Maybe one year NASS will happen, racing in front of a proper crowd and on a new track would be cool. Chicksands is about the only track I ever seem to race at the moment, a few changes had been made to it this time round which introduced a couple of fresh challeges, but it will always remain a bit of a drag strip. Motos went well and were good fun, ended up with two 2nds one 1st and a 3rd, which carried me straight to the quarters.

I managed to get a tough draw for the quarters, next to me on the gate was Mick Ridgway, first race with him of the day - typical. Mick has some serious determination when it comes to racing. Off the gate was tight knocking elbows into the left line allowing Nick Geoghegan to stay clear round the right and develop a lead. I was hanging on Micks tail the whole way down but couldnt sneak past, It was a quality race but would definately have liked to make it further. Mick and Nick ended up taking 2nd and 3rd respectively overall. My final ranking was 9th.

It was a good weekend but notably a lower turnout than the last round at chicksands. Check out the British Cycling website for more pics and results,

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