Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Kali Aatma Lid

The guys at Bullet Distribution have sorted me out with a new Kali Aatma Full Face helmet to replace my old battered lid. These are new to the UK and look pretty dam cool especially if you want something a bit different from the standard TLD that practically everyone on the scene is rocking these days. The Aatma is of Moto-X origins so tons of safety (luckily I have not yet tested this!) however an innovative production process has kept the weight really low making it dead comfy to ride in. There is also a smaller more vented DH version, the Duranger for those less into the MX look and feel.

Definately worth a look, Chris at Tredz has a full write up here and they are available through Bullet Distribution.

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kelvin said...

Green!!! Nice.