Monday, 13 April 2009

NPS 4X - Rd 1 - UK Bike Park

Results - Senior:
1st Kieron MCAVOY
2nd Chris CUMMING
3rd Robbie RICKMAN

First round of this years NPS 4X went really well as I took 3rd place in senior. The track at Blandford is a rugged one that favours true MTB riders over the BMXers. The first straight is a drag race to the first corner which saw a lot of action with plenty of contact and moves being made. Riders left behind were then forced into a risky dive down the inside on the 2nd corner, blocking the outside line into the moguls. Some good riders ended up on the floor trying this and only a few made the move stick as the outside carried far more momentum.

The motos were really action packed. The first corner for me was a hairy one. The quad leading into this was tight and a little sketchy to say the least. The trick was to not let off into the quad and hold the inside round the first corner. This produced a lot of bar bashing and some quite tense moments. The semis turned into a battle with Keeny, elbows out and bars coming into contact I made it through turn 1 ahead leaving him to make a break for the inside on the second corner which left him on the deck. In the finals Lee Ferry was going all out not to let me take 3rd, a serious fight was on with some serious contact. Somehow I stayed rubber side down to take my place on the podium.

The racing was awesome to watch, Will Evans was on it in the pro class and making some serious moves at the front of the pack. Kieron Mcavoy wont be staying down in Senior for long, considering it was his first 4x race he was developing a serious lead in practically every moto and is definately one of the main guys to be chasing this year in Senior.

All in all a great days racing, bring on round 2!

Full race report online here
Photos of the Event can be found at

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