Thursday, 25 June 2009

Crynant Pump Track

I took the simple for a spin at the Clydach pump track yesterday evening with Gav from wheelies. It was a great evening session, Gav was absolutely smashing one of the corners and sending dust flying. The bike has a few teething problems mainly that the quick release slips when cranking hard, tensioners are ordered and on the way so this will be fixed shortly. Its so nice feeling a rigid front end again, for generating speed over the humps this was mint. I also have some funky plans for gearing on this bike, the concept has been proved to work, just waiting on the chainrings to arrive now so that the plan can be seen in action, watch this space.

Gav took me to see some of his local DH runs on the way back. Fully rigid downhill is hilarious. My lady wings got a thorough working out as they bounced all over the place on the way back down. Suspension forks are amazing things when you realise just how much faster they allow you to go over rough terrain.

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