Monday, 6 July 2009

Dinglespeeding the Simple

The parts I have been waiting on have arrived, the Simple is finally able be ridden hard. The tugs hold the wheel solidly in position so the issues with sliding under heavy pedaling have been resolved. More excitingly a 26t chainring has now been fitted alongside the 32t and an extra sprocket has been added at the back making this a true dinglespeed (double-singlespeed for those not in the know). the Simmple now has 2 gear ratios (26:23 and 32:16) to play with that both run the same chain length. This means that with a quick manual flick of the chain I go from a snappy light trials gear to an XC/BMX/sprint kind of gear. The 2 ratios are about perfect for their intended use. If I had more flexibility in available chain rings for the front I would probably go for a slightly harder trials gear but mainly because I have always liked to stomp a higher than average gear for trials type stuff. The big gear is mint for charging about on. These pictures were sneaked in between a couple of rather aggressive showers, hopefully this crazy weather stops soon so I can have a proper play! I still need to cut down the steerer tube and source a more elegantly sized bash ring but otherwise this bike is more or less there.


Olly said...

thats awesome.
ive decided im going to do that to my burly hardtail.

1:1 wind up the bigger climbs
2:1 bash down again :D

(or 2:1 all the time for local singlespeeding)

dan whalley said...

Great build, defo going to build my self one! who makes a 23 tooth cog?