Wednesday, 8 July 2009

"Like a supermodel wearing fake tan"

Cy posted this comment from Tim Cokayne up on the Cotic website last week

"New Cotic Soul frame arrived this morning. The builders tea colour is really nice. Skinny and light like a supermodel wearing fake tan."

I think this is a brilliant description, my simple goes further having had all the useful, practical ideas and concepts stripped away to leave the raw basics. Like a true blonde there is nothing too complicated about her. The beautiful tan colour further enhances her lines and she is incredibly elegant. I particularly like the lack of clutter on the bars and the streamlined look provided by the rigid forks.

I had her on the scales and she comes in at just over 24lbs which I dont think is too shabby. Light weight trials bikes rock in at under 20lbs but the Simple still has some rider comforts like a useable seat/seatpost and a fairly sturdy build. As a comparison the Simple frame is over a pound lighter than the steel Pashley 26MhZ trials specific frame and really not a lot heavier than the Alu trials frames on the market. In terms of dieting weight could be lost on the cranks and bashguard, moving to smaller disks and a skinnier set of rubber on the front. The bars at the moment are Spank DH ones that also put a lot of pressure on the scales.

I was having a bit of a play with some bamboo canes earlier and these couple of extra pounds dont hold the Simple back. The bike will still happily jump over a pole set at handlebar height which is just shy of a meter off the ground. Trials probably wasnt in Cy's original brief when designing this frame however its got really nice geometry and for a lanky rider like me it is a good size to really chuck around. Quality materials and engineering have kept the weight down and also gives me confidence that it will be able to handle this style of riding.

Anyway more importantly heres a quick vid of the bike in action:

Cotic Simple - Playing with Bamboo: Bar height sidehop from Rob Rickman on Vimeo.

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