Monday, 20 July 2009

Rickman Mountain Boards

Rickman boards
have diversified and we now have big wheeled mountainboards joining the quiver. I have just finished 10 new decks, 5 are short 195cm decks the other 5 are a longer 100cm variety. This follows on from 2 prototypes that have recieved some serious testing, both have survived a good hammering. The frst one has been bashed around by me on the kite for a year now and it is holding up really well. The latest prototype has had really good comments from local riders, Ben has been using it down at the centre and the feedback coming back about the board has been great. Final build specs are still to be determined but the parts will be picked to produce an awesome riding board at a decent price.

The boards will be available through BRD mountain board centre out on the Gower. This place is amazing, the location is stunning right by the sea and next to Woebly Castle. Ben who runs the place has some really big ideas, I am really excited about how the centre is going to develop. It should become an amazing place for both bikes and boards over the next few years.

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